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Tea. – Tea Infused Skincare

I love drinking tea but I also love to try all the various tea-infused products out there! Sometimes those products are a yummy snack and one of my other favorites is testing out tea-infused skincare. If you look at all my facemasks and lotions you will notice that most of them have tea somewhere on the packaging. I was really excited to discover Tea. which is a tea-infused skincare company. There are a few things that set them apart from most of the skincare I’ve tried right off the bat before even trying their product.

  1. They actually tell you what teas they use in their products. So many products will just say black tea but Tea.L takes it a step further and lets you know that they use dragonwell. They also use yerba mate and rooibos! This stuck out to me as more genuine and that I would get more benefits from the tea in their skincare.

  2. They tell you that their products are 99% natural. So many brands will say they are 100% natural when it just isn’t true. Again, Tea.L shows their transparency in their product. The 1% that isn’t “natural” is a safe product but they differentiate this which I appreciate !