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Tea: An Integral Part of Our Daily Life

We begin our day sipping a cup of tea in the morning! 

Here, let us see what Phyllis Logan had said about beginning the day with a tea-cup: “There is nothing quite like a freshly brewed pot of tea to get your going in the morning.” 

Interestingly, we mostly identify the tea with the “brand”: blender or producer of the tea-packets. Mahaveer Tea, gaining customer’s confidence since the birth of the company, now is a household name in India.  

Nearly 80% of people world over begin their day with a morning cup of tea. Naturally, the demand of tea also is very high. The presence of tea can be noticed at all intervals of 24-hours: morning, breakfast, afternoon and evening. 

A very interesting fact about tea is that the people in each and every nook and corner of the world drink it. Their language, regions or culture may be different but they unite when it is a matter of cup and tea. 

No wonder, it is the best way to forge friendship and unite. You cut the ice to talk to a stranger in a café through a cup of tea sitting in the same table.