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Healthy Reasons to Sip Tea Regularly

Drinking tea daily gives your body enough fluid. We all know tea, the common-most herbal drink popular all over the world, is anti-oxydent and lowers the blood pressure. In other words, it can help a person avert strokes. 

For the fashion-conscious persons, drinking tea is almost a necessity as it reduces the body-weight. Thus, it is the best way for slimming, just naturally. 

This, however, is not all. Let Mahaveer Tea enlighten you about a host of medical values of tea. Surprisingly enough, Three Leaves and A Bud perhaps is the only garden-herb that contains maximum number of disease-fighting acids and elements. 

Latest medical researches show it is rich in flavonoids, bioactive compounds that can lessen oxidative stress, relieve inflammation, and provide other health benefits. Drinking tea can protect your teeth, heart, soothing the digestive system and help fight cancer. 

As tea leaves contain fluorides and tannins, it prevents plaque of teeth. A cup in the morning, tea will provide you a wonderful smile. 

We can list out the following additional medical benefits:

  • Tea has 50% less caffeine that coffee 
  • The Magee-Women’s Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center published its study saying tea is able to reduce 20% and 35% heart attack and stroke risks respectively.
  • Containing polyphenols, tea is known for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory activities, stimulating immune function and decreasing platelet aggregation.