About Us

About Us

Mahaveer tea is a brand that speaks for itself. We started our business operation way back in 1997, in Ahmedabad. And we never had to look back again! We successfully completed our 26th year to emerge as a prominent name in the tea industry. We are selling more than 20,000 kilograms of tea across Gujarat and other states to our highly-satisfied customers. What kept us apart from the other tea brands in the country are our standardized products. We have been maintaining in supplying high-quality tea products since our inception. Our products are FSSAI approved and 100% authentic. Our products range from a wide range of premium quality CTC Tea, Loose Tea and Black Tea. We will soon include some more variety of tea in our product range. Mr. Parth Shah, our visionary leader, is making sure that our products stay on top of the quality standard as prescribed by the Government of India from time to time. Under his immaculate supervision, we are now focusing on making Mahaveer Tea a household name across India.

100% Natural

Drinking Tea is one of the most pleasurable experiences of our day. From picking the best tea leaves, to adding just the right amount of milk, we have always made sure our tea was just perfect!

Quality Product

That was until our boss got us a premix tea and coffee machine. Unable to drink the godawful swill it produced, we set out to find a better solution. Six years of struggle later, we are happy to Launch Mahaveer tea. The first Tea focussed hot beverage solutions provider in India, all our solutions only use real tea leaves, and liquid cow milk.

Include Tea in Your Daily Beverage

Tea (Camellia sinensis) is a wonderful beverage if you consume it timely and regularly. Until now, tea was just another beverage for refreshment. But things are changing fast. With newer and newer research studies coming to the fore, tea as a healthy beverage is gaining momentum. A number of scientific studies have confirmed that Tea is literally a wonder drug. You will be amazed to know that the first written evidence of sipping of tea goes back to 350 AD in China. Yes, the Chinese were the first to introduce this wonderful beverage to the people across the world.

Health Benefits of Tea at a Glance

Currently, India is the world’s second-largest producer of tea. And, we are also the number one country with maximum tea consumers. Indian tea is popular because we supply the tea products that are extracted from the finest and freshest of tea leaves to our consumers across the globe. Our tea leaves are specially picked up from the aromatic and heavenly tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling!

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What Our clients say? clients feedback

Subhash ShahIndia

The number of stars are too less to rate tea culture of the world. I have become a fan of their floral tea and the matcha. I tried it the first time and got addicted to it immediately. The quality is exceptional good. I will try all the other flavours too.

Parth ShahIndia

Just started with this tea. In love with the tea. Have been a fan of green tea for almost 3 years now. But this is the best tea I ever had. I have chosen oolong tea this time. Never going to go back to my old green tea again.